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Global Psychics - where you find common sense answers to life's knotty questions... Global Psychics

Ultimate Water Massage - your online source for aromatherapy and pain and stress relief information, products and services.... Ultimate

AndyG combines modern artwork with holistic-spiritual, social, and environmental issues. Be noticed and make a difference. AndyG's
philosophical, social, & environmental designs

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Serenity is a world-class music label, dedicated to the production of quality music for massage, healing, meditation and relaxation

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The definitive guide to what is available on the
Internet for vegetarians, vegans, and others

Extremely concentrated, Therapeutic-Grade
essential oils & what they can do to enhance
your health & immune system!
Young Living
Essential Oils

Dedicated to the Enlightenment, Healing and Ascension of people and our planet. World Light Center

The Share Guide holistic health journal and directory is a magazine focusing on holistic health, personal growth and environmental awareness. Our goal is to make information available for people actively working to improve themselves and the planet. The Share Guide

Robert Rickover is a teacher of the Alexander Technique living in Lincoln, Nebraska. Robert also teaches regularly in Toronto, Canada. He is the author of Fitness Without Stress - A Guide to the Alexander Technique. The Complete Guide to the Alexander

Providing information on Alternative & Complementary Medicine,holistic political news, personal healing & growth. Classes, over 50 online articles, holistic resources, links & more. Mystic Gateway
Holistic Center

This  is a comprehensive alternative and complimentary medicine resource list. This web page also includes astrology, mythology, palm reading, astrographs, charts, tarot reading, kundalini, and many other sources for those who may be interested. The Alternative Medicine Web Page

Crafty Mary has some wonderful recipe links. For those who believe cooking, baking and culinary chores are fun!! Also, great craft links of all kinds. Mary's Craft Corner

CompuServe's Forum for the holistic minded. New Age Spirituality Forum

Hi, I'm Samantha!! Can you come out and play? Don't worry...this is a children's site. Kid's Shop (Samantha's Cyberspace)

1000+ quality links to other holistic healing sites, conference and retreat listings, case histories of healings & transformation, important news items, holistic mailing list and USENET groups listings, practitioner directories, and much more! Holistic Healing Web Page

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