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Celestial Windsis a special website for the holistic minded. Our purpose is to provide a place of consciousness for all who are seeking wholeness and balance in their lives, and to have somefun along the way!

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Celestial Winds  Holistic Lifestyle Directoryis  a guide to alternative health services, holistic products, and vegetarian restaurants available in Canada and the U.S. The Celestial Winds Holistic Lifestyle Directory

For a comprehensive A-Z information guide on all holistic services and practices see our Holistic Information Resource. Celestial Winds Holistic Information Resource

Celestial Winds presents ourChildren's Corner.
...a wonderful place for children to spend time with their parents.

Nurture the hidden child within you with stories by Anton. They will surely add a smile to your day. Share a special bedtime treat with your child. Anton would like to hear from you about the stories you like the best!
Children's Corner

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