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Postural Integration
Professional Training Program
Marie-Louise Simich is a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Postural Integration. She trained and worked with Jack Painter, the founder of Postural Integration. She is also trained as a Reichian Therapist and Rebirther in Europe. She has a PI Training Program in Auckland, New Zealand. She has had a successful PI practice in England and currently in Toronto for more than 13 years. She is a member of the International Council of Postural Integration Trainers. The Posural Integration training is given over 3 years. The first two years consists of periods of supervised instruction (approximately 500 hours). During this time you will receive a complete series of sessions in which you are encouraged to explore your own power to heal. The curriculum teaches you to work simultaneously with different aspects of the whole person - breath, tissue, movement, emotions, and thought. The module includes Gestalt Theory, Acupressure, Five Element Theory and Reichian Release, an assisted self-directed study in anatomy, and recommended reading list. The third year consists of a supervised internship where students work with individuals and submit a report of their work for certification from the International Center for Release and Integration in Mill Valley, California.
For enrollment information and a detailed brochure, please contact:
Graig Stott
416 966-3729
or Marie-Louise Simich
416 368-4971

New Zealand
Ian Rayneau (9) 418 0486
Louise Simich (9) 378 4963

Individual Treatments are available in Toronto from March until November and in New Zealand from December until February. There is a structure of 10 sessions, each two hours in duration, 7 releasing and 3 integrating. The releasing treatments may continue beyond the 7 model sessions or until the body armour begins to soften at which point it is possible to introduce the integration. Since the body has the abiltiy to store past traumas, and unexpressed emotions, Postural Integration addresses this important part of the process using the breath to encourage their discharge. The "bodymind" is restored to flexibilty and optimum health.

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